HT FABRIC DYEING MACHINES > DLM 06 Fabric Dyeing Machine (600 KG)

1:4 Liquour ratio according to fabric
Can load %20 more capacity for middle and heavy weight fabrics

Technical Specifications;

  • Capacity 600Kg. (Each chamber has 150Kg. capacity.)
  • In-line vertical pump has 30Kw power
  • All parts in contact with processing liquor are stainless steel (AISI 316L)
  • Teflon linings in the J-boxes for smooth fabric transport
  • Shock stroke adjustable nozzles
  • Quick locking inspection door
  • 6 C/min heating gradient with tubular heat exchanger
  • Seam detector for fabric cycle time control and seam finding
  • Power drain system for quick water draining in 30 seconds
  • Xenon daylight lightening system for excellent observation specially during dyeing dark colors.

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